Tim Green Band - Yonders Wall + Green Manalishi

Tim Green Band – Yonders Wall + Green Manalishi

Recorded live in Doncaster on Saturday 9th February with 11 microphones and 2 cameras.

Yonders Wall is our tribute to Elmore James. I’m playing an old 1960’s Jedson Type 1 guitar that I’ve had since I was 14 and still like to play slide on it – it has a real ‘earthy’ vibe to the guitar that I’ve just not felt with any other guitar. It has one pickup and the electrics just about work – and I love it!

Green Manalishi is a track by early Fleetwood Mac when they were a blues band – and so I’ve been led to believe, not many bands perform this track. Out of all the Fleetwood Mac stuff this is one of my most favourites.

We put out the ‘feelers’ on www.facebook.com/TimGreenBand asking for some requests to play and we had a few messages asking for Fleetwood Mac and Howlin Wolf and even things like Superstition by Stevie Wonder. Anyway, enjoy the videos – they are produced purely for the love of the music and we’ll continue to put out video content when we have the time so keep those suggestions coming.

Thank you for all your support!